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Oncology Nursing Foundation Research Grants Open

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Aly Kocon
ONF - Oncology Nursing Society Foundation (Partner)

Purpose of Grant: To support rigorous scientific oncology nursing research. Research projects may include investigator-initiated research, pilot or feasibility studies, supplements to current funded projects, or developing a new aspect of a program of research. Funding preference is given to projects that involve nurses in the design and conduct of the research activity and that promote theoretically based oncology practice. Competitive applications will address a topic(s) in the ONS Research Agenda. See "Research Agenda of the Oncology Nursing Society: 2019-2022," published in the Oncology Nursing Forum, November 2019, Volume 46, No. 6.

The following three (3) key areas in need of oncology nursing research articulated in the ONS Research Agenda are:
• Symptom Science 
  ◦ In Immunotherapy and Emerging Therapies in Precision Health  
  ◦ In Precision Health and Biosignature
• Health Disparities
• Palliative and Psychosocial Oncology Care

Additional resources and updates related to the ONS Research Agenda are located here: “Update to the 2019-2022 ONS Research Agenda: Rapid Review to Address Structural Racism and Health Inequities,” published in the Oncology Nursing Forum, November 2021, Volume 48, No. 6; and, “The Oncology Nursing Society Rapid Review and Research Priorities for Cancer Care in the Context of Covid-19,” published in the Oncology Nursing Forum, March 2021, Volume 48, No. 2.

Funding Amounts:
$50,000 and $100,000

Duration of project and funding:
2 years

Letter of Intent Due Date:
May 8th, 2022

Visit the Oncology Nursing Foundation Research Grants page for more eligibility information and to apply

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