Frequently Asked Questions

How does ICRP comply with the GDPR 2018?

At ICRP, we take data protection and your data privacy seriously. Our mission is to connect cancer research organizations and provide information about global investment in cancer research. To that end, we contact our partners regularly, and send emails to non-partners who have expressed interest in ICRP reports, activities or annual meetings. If you would like to stop receiving communications from us, please click the 'unsubscribe' option in our emails, or visit the "Contact Us" page to update your preferences. Researchers who wish to amend or delete their data in our global cancer research database are welcome to "Contact Us" at any time to so. For further information about our data protection and privacy policies please see our "Policies and Procedures" document.

How often are Newsletters published?

Newsletters are published 3 times a year, or more frequently if there is news to report. Please Contact Us to receive newsletters and other news from ICRP by email.

How long does it take to become a Partner?

Typically it takes around 2 - 4 weeks for us to process an application as we ensure that the application is reviewed by our Membership Committee and seen by partners at a monthly teleconference. For more information about the application process, please Contact Us.

What are the requirements to become an ICRP partner?

Any bona fide cancer research funding organization may apply to join ICRP.  Please check our eligibility requirements on the Join Us page or Contact Us if you have further questions.

How comprehensive is the ICRP database?

We estimate that our database covers around 60-70% of world cancer research funding. We welcome applications for membership from cancer research funders worldwide to enhance our coverage.

Data on the ICRP website is updated regularly, according to our partners’ funding and data collection schedules. Data for the most recent calendar years may be incomplete. For details on recent uploads visit our ICRP Partners and Funding Organizations page


Can I use the CSO in my own organization?

The CSO classification system is freely available for the cancer research community to use. To receive regular updates on changes to the CSO, please register as a user.  Consider joining us to get the full benefits of using the CSO.