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CIHR/CHVI Team in HIV Vaccine Design Based on Novel Strategies to Induce Protective Mucosal Cellular and Humoral Immunity
Alt. Award Code
Funding Organization
Canadian Institutes of Health Research
Budget Dates
2010-08-01 to 2015-07-31
Principal Investigator
MacDonald, Kelly S ORCiD Logo 0000-0003-3216-247X
(ORCiD iD)
University of Toronto
North America
Toronto, ON, CA


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Technical Abstract

Lay abstract (no permission to release technical abstract): This project involves basic science HIV vaccine research. We propose to develop and test two vaccine candidates. Both vaccine projects will involve molecular biological techniques to construct the vaccines and test them for expression. The first project involves the construction of a Cytomegalovirus-based vaccine vector expressing green fluorescent protein and SIV gene inserts. The second project involves the development of a complex DNA vaccine based on a fusion protein of two trimerized proteins: one of gp140 and the other of a TNF superfamily molecule. Other innate immune molecules will also be tested for potential incorporation into the model. Small animal models and in vivo methods will be used to examine immunogenicity. Further testing involving immunological methods as well as molecular and retrovirology will be done in rabbits and nonhuman primates.

Public Abstract

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Cancer Types

  • Kaposi's Sarcoma
  • Non-Hodgkin's Lymphoma

Common Scientific Outline (CSO) Research Areas

  • 3.4 Prevention Vaccines