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CIHR STAGE (Strategic Training for Advanced Genetic Epidemiology): An integrated program in statistical & epidemiological training for genetics with a population health impact
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Funding Organization
Canadian Institutes of Health Research
Budget Dates
2010-02-01 to 2016-01-31
Principal Investigator
Gagnon, France
University of Toronto
North America
Toronto, ON, CA


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Technical Abstract

Lay abstract (no permission to release technical abstract): The STAGE (Strategic Training for Advanced Genetic Epidemiology) program of the University of Toronto Dalla Lana School of Public Health with affiliated institutions, in collaboration with National and International partners, offers innovative and integrative graduate and post-doctoral training at the interface between statistical, biomedical and human population health sciences, with a focus on genetics and genomics. The fundamental premise of STAGE is that in order for genetics to have an impact on population health, trainees require substantial experience in leading-edge research at the interface of statistics, epidemiology, and biomedical sciences, which builds on fundamental training in their core disciplines, and is enriched by cross-disciplinary and integrative curriculum activities. The program includes coursework in the trainees' core academic program, and cross-disciplinary as well as integrative courses. These courses are also available to post-doctoral trainees. The curriculum incorporates rich opportunities for cross-disciplinary "hands-on" practica in industry and government agencies, as well as national and international research internship opportunities. Upon completion of training, a new generation of investigators will be well equipped to take up positions in academia, government, and industry. Based on the current demand for such expertise, graduates of the program will find a wide range of opportunities to contribute to the current economy by exercising leadership in scientific investigations aimed at understanding and addressing the etiology of common chronic and infectious diseases, and improving associated population health outcomes.

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