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Breast Cancer and Exercise Trial in Alberta: The BETA Trial
Alt. Award Code
Funding Organization
Alberta Cancer Foundation
Budget Dates
2010-03-01 to 2013-02-28
Principal Investigator
Friedenreich, Christine M ORCiD Logo 0000-0002-4783-1966
(ORCiD iD)
CancerControl Alberta (Calgary)
North America
Calgary, AB, CA


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Technical Abstract

Lay abstract (no permission to release technical abstract): It is now well established that breast cancer risk can be decreased by being physically active. What is not known is how much activity is needed to achieve this benefit nor the exact biologic mechanisms that are involved in reducing this risk. This trial follows an earlier one in which we found that physical activity influenced body fat and hormone levels thought to be involved in the pathways leading to breast cancer risk. Now we propose to examine the dose of exercise required to influence these biologic mechanisms. We are proposing a randomized controlled intervention trial of 330 postmenopausal, sedentary women aged 50-74. These women will divided randomly into two groups who will either do a moderate (150 mins/wk) or high (300 mins/wk) amount of exercise over a one year-long study. We will examine how these different levels of activity change their body fat levels, blood biomarkers, fitness, dietary intake, quality of life and stress. This study will provide direct evidence regarding the amount of exercise needed to reduce breast cancer risk. The results will also be used to refine physical activity guidelines for cancer prevention.

Public Abstract

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Cancer Types

  • Breast Cancer

Common Scientific Outline (CSO) Research Areas

  • 3.1 Prevention Interventions to Prevent Cancer: Personal Behaviors Affecting Risk