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Psychosocial Barriers to Adherence to Skin Self-Examination (SSE) among Individuals at High Risk for Melanoma
Alt. Award Code
Funding Organization
Canadian Institutes of Health Research
Budget Dates
2011-09-01 to 2012-08-31
Principal Investigator
Berindean-Coroiu, Ioana-Adina
McGill University
North America
Montréal, QC, CA


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Technical Abstract

Lay abstract (no permission to release technical abstract): Melanoma rates in Canada are increasing and there is no cure once the tumour has spread. Although previous research has shown that regular and thorough Skin Self-Examination (SSE) is an effective method to reduce mortality among melanoma patients, adherence to SSE is rather low. The first objective of this study is to identify the barriers and facilitators of SSE adherence among individuals at high risk for melanoma. In doing so, this study will consider the influences of psycho-social variables, such as social support, patient autonomy, competence and motivation to perform a healthy behaviour upon SSE performance. Data will be collected via questionnaires from 200 melanoma patients who will be recruited from hospitals affiliated with McGill University. The second objective is to use the knowledge generated by this study to inform and develop a future health intervention for melanoma patients.

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Cancer Types

  • Melanoma

Common Scientific Outline (CSO) Research Areas

  • 4.3 Early Detection, Diagnosis, and Prognosis Technology and/or Marker Testing in a Clinical Setting